About Ashleigh

Hey there everyone! I am Ashleigh, the blogger behind Ashleighskitchen.
I just started this blog as you all can tell ;) and I am loving every minute of it.  I have always loved cooking, and baking since I was a kid in my Grandma's kitchen.  I wore an apron(made by my Grandma of course) and helped her make many delicious meals.  I remember I hated peeling potatoes though, which was always my job, quite possibly because Grandma didn't like it either, and to this day I wish potatoes didn't have skin sometimes. :) 
You will notice my blog recipes will mainly be simple meals, that is because I really haven't experimented in the kitchen very much yet, but I am trying to expand my horizons, and branch out to new foods, and recipes.  That will all come with time, I know.  For now, I am loving sharing recipes, and pictures with all of you, and this blog is a storage place for recipes I'd like to make again, and occasionally ones I don't like as much.  I'll share it all, even when they don't turn out quite like I wanted.  I am always up for helpful tips! Just send them my way!  I want to thank you all for reading! I really do appreciate it, and LOVE reading comments. ;) Stop by again soon!
If you have any questions please feel free to email me at        ashleighskitchen@yahoo.com

If you like a recipe and or picture and decide to use it, GREAT! but please make a link back to my blog ashleighskitchen.blogspot.com THANKS!
Thank you for stopping by! Please come back soon!