Monday, January 16, 2012

My Poor Computer

I'm sad to say that my 100th post will not be a tasty recipe... I'm writing this from my cell phone because last night I tried to finish up my blog post for today when all of a sudden my internet screens were gone and a pop up showed up and said my computer had a virus that was attacking everything, and I pretty much need to get out my credit card and buy this "Win 7 Internet Security 2012" to protect my computer and my information. Ha, right. Whatever worthless individual that created that virus did a good job because it looks legitimate for the most part. Sorry to use that sort of language but when someone is trying to steal anything and everything they can from me it just doesn't go over too well. Not to mention me having to take my computer in and have it fixed which will cost me money, and this really boring post for you all to read when I was so excited about it being my 100th post. :( Anyways I don't want to ramble on but thought I would let you know I won't be posting for a few days until I get my poor computer back. I also wanted to let you know what that virus is called but the name will be different depending on what window program you have as in mine is Windows 7. If you have windows vista for example it will have that in the name. Be careful out there in the internet world because this is becoming a big problem as the computer fix-it man said. I'll be back shortly and be back in business. :)

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