Thursday, August 25, 2011

Chocolate Mug Cake

Whoa, are you ready for this?! I'm not sure anything can prepare you for what I am about to show you, and share with you! I am in LOVE... Introducing my new favorite easy cake, that I will quite literally make for myself on my birthday! It is is SO easy, and delicious!  I found the recipe here.  I love browsing this site, she is a great cook/baker. I thank her for sharing this amazing recipe!(I added one little special thing, I'll tell you about:))  Alright, fine I'll quit talking since I got you all excited, here it is.....
Chocolate Mug Cake
Oh yum....makes me want to make, and eat another one.
This Chocolate Mug Cake doesn't have frosting, but it really doesn't need it. This is a perfect little treat when you have a monster chocolate sweet tooth, which happens all the time...right? :) One of the GREAT things about this cake, is that you cook it IN the mug, IN the microwave! AND it only takes 3 MINUTES! Can't you tell I am excited about this! Alright, let's get started!

  • 4TBLS all-purpose flour
  • 4TBLS sugar
  • 2TBLS cocoa powder
  • 1 egg
  • 3TBLS milk
  • 3TBLS olive oil
  • 1/2TSP pure vanilla extract
  • powdered sugar(which I did use, but didn't take a picture, shoot!)
  • 24 chocolate chips(my secret touch I added)

First, sift(which I didn't do) flour, sugar, and cocoa together.

Add in the egg, and stir slowly otherwise you will have cocoa powder everywhere, until combined.  I did have a picture of the egg, but my computer decided to delete it.

Add the milk, olive oil, and vanilla, stir.

Drop the chocolate chips on top
Microwave on high for 3 minutes.  The cake may rise above the mug, but it will not spill over, so don't worry.  I think putting the chocolate chips on top, holds it down a bit. Let it cool for a couple minutes, sprinkle with powder sugar if you would like, and eat up! YUM!


Question of the Day:

What is your favorite snack/dessert that fulfills your sweet tooth?

I usually always have a sweet tooth after dinner, it is very rare if I don't.  Lately I have been snacking on this...
It is pretty good for being the FroYo version.  I only eat a little bit each night, so it lasts me a little while.

Well I am off here for the day, enjoy the Chocolate Mug Cake if you can't resist and have to make it ASAP like I did. :) My husband and I are off to the fair tonight, should be a blast if we can take on the 99 degree temperature! Wish us luck! :)  See ya!


  1. this is so awesome ashleigh!! dangerous too; now it's easy to satisfy all the chocolate cravings :-)

  2. I LOVE this idea! I always have a sweet tooth but I don't want to just whip up a whole chocolate cake at 9:00 at night. I'm so trying this! I could even have my kids design their own by picking different toppings like M&M's, Reese's, or whatever! Thanks for the recipe! Oh, p.s. I like Ben & Jerry's Americone Dream! YUM!!

  3. Oh wow now I want to make this NOW!!! I will resist the urge( till tonight:)) my favorite desert is cookie dough ice cream!!!!

  4. I knew you girls would like this! Good idea Nicole, you can put a lot of different things in it! I've never tried that ice cream, might have too! Melissa cookie dough is so good! Yum!

  5. So, I was planning to watch a chick flick tonight and thought I would make myself a microwaved mug cake! I made it just like yours and it turned out GREAT!!! I sat down to eat it, got a few bites in, and my husband walked in the door and devoured half my cake! Little bugger, but he like it too! I guess next time I'll make a back up :) Thanks for the recipe!


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