Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Decorating Cookies with the Kids

I had such a fun time yesterday with Melissa's kids decorating homemade spritz cookies!  We used a Wilton cookie press, and the recipe that came with it.  It didn't work out very well. It took many attempts with changing a lot of different things, but we ended up getting some shaped cookies, but definitely not as many as the recipe said.  It was fun, but I am not sure if I would use the cookie press again, unless I find a better recipe that works with it.  Next time we will just roll out dough, and use cookie cutters.  After baking the cookies and letting them cool, we let the kids decorate them.  We made it simple and used store bought frosting in the squeezable tube, and the spray can, along with a bunch of different sprinkles.  They absolutely loved it, and after we were done, we have a HUGE mess in the WHOLE kitchen, but it was SO worth it.  We all ate way too many cookies, but that is expected right?!
I don't have any recipes to share with you today because I didn't like the cookie recipe as much as I hoped, and like I said, it didn't work too well with the cookie press.  I DID want to show you some of the fun pictures I took yesterday, and let you see our masterpieces! I hope you enjoy these pictures!
This beautiful cookie was her son's! So pretty!

Getting serious with the sprinkles!
I like how there is a bite taken out of the yellow cookie :)

We made monster cookies for the kids to decorate!

Cookie monster face!
The end of our hard work :)
Have a great day!


  1. :) the kids did have a blast. Thank you for coming over and decorating cookies with us.


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