Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Green Machine Shake

Hi blog friends! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! This blog I created on Friday before we headed home for the weekend/week(for me).  I knew I had to plan a post or two for while I was away. :) I wont forget about all you friends!

This Green Machine Shake is what I have enjoyed for lunch the past week or two.  I just LOVE it, and if you try it, I am sure you will too! It is good for you, and fills me up for awhile!  The reason why it is called my Green Machine Shake, secret is... it is filled with SPINACH!  I SWEAR you can't taste it ONE BIT!! IF you don't believe me, try it!!! :) MmmMmm it's thick, sweet, and has all healthy ingredients! Introducing my Green Machine Shake(IN my green cup!)
Sooooo GOOD!

Ingredients:(makes 1 serving)
  • 1 large handful fresh baby spinach
  • 3 ice cubes
  • 1 Zoi Greek yogurt(individual size) I used Blueberry this time, but I know Strawberry and Vanilla work just as well.
  • 1 tbls creamy peanut butter
  • half a banana
  • I scoop chocolate protein powder (I use Jillian Michael's Natural Whey Protein)
  • 1/4 cup water

Add a big handful of spinach to the blender
Add the ice cubes.
Add the yogurt.
Add the peanut butter.
Add the banana
Add the protein powder.
Add the water.
Blend it all up, and you get this yummy masterpiece! It's so creamy and good...MmmMmm!
Question of the Day:

Are there any certain shakes or smoothies that you make or buy that you love?

This definitely is my favorite to make, but I am trying to branch out and try to recipes.  If I buy a shake, which isn't very often, I usually always go with Butterfinger. MmmMmmm BAD for me though! It is alright, once in a while ;)
Talk to you all soon! Later! :)

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